I have just had the privilege of attending ICARIS 2011 in Cambridge, a conference dedicated to the computational modelling of the immune system, and taking immune system inspiration in solving engineering problems.

One of Jon Timmis’ research students who I helped supervise last summer, Richard Williams, was presenting an abstract of his work on EAE. His presentation was excellent, and he won the computational immunology best paper award!

Though I was not first author on any paper in this year’s proceedings, and hence not presenting, I did end up presenting some work. There were a number of cancelations and speakers who did not show, and I was asked by one of the organisers if I would like to present some results. I took the opportunity to talk about establishing confidence in simulation results being genuinely representative of the real immune system, an aspect of the field that I believe is hugely¬†under-appreciated. Most of the talk’s content was lifted from my recent MCMDS journal paper, currently in press. The talk was hugely well received, which is always encouraging! It was great to see old friends again, I hope I have the opportunity to attend ICARIS 2012. which will be in Italy.