Submission to IPCAT 2012 accepted

Starting the new year off with some fantastic news, a paper first-authored by Richard Greaves has been accepted to IPCAT 2012! Richard submitted his excellent MSc thesis in autumn, and this will be an added bonus for him. The paper examines the issues in extending an established and calibrated simulation when the influence of new pathways/cells are to be investigated – a common pattern in many strands of research. Extension of simulations with new components can have a profound effect on its behaviour, and the logical course of action is to re-calibrate. However, this in itself can have substantial implications on existing results and predictions. The paper calls for the investigation of more principled simulation design and calibration methodologies that, it is hoped, can indicate when influential pathways or components are absent from a simulation in the first place. Richard has been working with my ARTIMMUS simulation, and the paper is tied to a case study in extending this EAE simulation. (The paper presenting ARTIMMUS to the world has been a very long work in progress… I’m looking forward to its publication, hopefully this year!).