YCIL website live

The group researchers at York engaging in computational immunology have launched a lab website showcasing our, and are now proudly known as the York Computational Immunology Lab (YCIL). The lab has grown quickly over the last few years, and the number and breadth of research conducted is impressive: from multi-compartment systemic autoimmune diseases like EAE to molecular-level modelling of influential factors like NF-kB. Several new students have recently joined the lab, and we will shortly be adding Crohn’s disease to the list of areas studied. The lab researches not only diseases and systems as a complement to traditional techniques, but also develops technologies to support these activities. Simulations of biological systems can encompass a great many parameters, and the lab is examining how cutting edge technologies can be used to meet the substantial computational demands of calibrating and executing these simulations. I look forward to writing more about the excellent work being conducted in the coming months. For now, have a scan of the website.