Journal paper accepted to BioSystems

We have just had word that our paper, first authored by Richard Greaves, has been accepted for publications inĀ BioSystems. It is an extension of the conference paper presented at IPCAT this year, firth authored by Richard Greaves, and includes work that Bjorn and James did on modelling CD200 regulation of dendritic cells in EAE. Bjorn and James were placement students from Leeds university who are both starting PhDs under Jon Timmis (and others). It is truly remarkable that the placement students’ work would end up in a journal, and a testament to their potential.

The paper examines several possible mechanistic models of how CD200 negative signalling of DCs suppresses their ability to promote autoimmune T cell responses, and clearly motivates further work in the computational immunology field on principled approaches to designing and building simulations. As luck would have it, this is work that is on our horizons.