Slides of Awareness

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Barcelona (well, Castelldefels), where in a hotel right on the beach, a collection of representatives from the Awareness project engaged in a hugely productive few days of slide writing.

Labelled a ‘slides factory’, the meeting tasked us with creating a 2 hour laymans seminar and an academic course comprising around 15 lectures on self-awareness in autonomic systems. Awareness is an EU funded coordination action focusing on this very subject, and supports the CoCoRo project on which I myself am employed. My angle was awareness in the immune system – how it functions to maintain the health of the host, without incurring autoimmunity, and where autoimmunity does occur how it can be self-regulated.

The slides factory experience was interesting, and far more productive than I would have thought possible. Both the lecture and the academic course were near completion by the end of the few days. The format was 11 people spinning ideas concerning content and message, writing sections individually, and then collecting feedback from the group. The slides have to be finalised (dotted i’s, crossed t’s) by the end of October, and at some point in the future, you may find these lectures and seminars rolled out on academic and popular science circuits!

Oh… almost forgot the beach. These guys wave-boarding with kites were quite a sight!