SPARTAN paper accepted to PLoS Computational Biology

It’s been a while since I put anything on the blog. This doesn’t mean that I’ve not been doing anything – rather I’ve been doing so much that the blog gets neglected! There’ll likely be a flurry of activity in the run up to Christmas as I (and others) wind down.

Anyway, great news received last week. The SPARTAN paper has been accepted to PLoS Computational Biology. This is an excellent journal, so great cause for celebration. That can be added to the celebration that its first author, Kieran Alden, passed his PhD VIVA last week too.

SPARTAN is a collection of tools focused on sensitivity analysis, and understanding the link between simulations and biology. It provides (amongst other things) an implementation of the robustness analysis technique I published earlier this year. It also includes comprehensive tutorials for how to use the package, and it is already being used by others within Jon Timmis’s lab. PLoS Comp Bio is an open access journal, so I’ll provide links to the manuscript once its been typeset and placed online by the journal.

PS. We have also heard that the BMC Bioinformatics paper should be in print in February 2013.