CoCoRo “excellent”, year 2 GA

Another trip to Pisa, this time for the anual CoCoRo general assembly (GA). For those not familiar with EU projects, this is where the project showcases its progress to a panel of reviewers (two in our case) who evaluate our progress and cast a critical eye to keep things on track. SSSA in Pontedera were hosting us, and the first thing we noticed was the impressive water tank set up:

There was an operational Jeff, controllable over remote, but at least not requiring any power cables. Jeff, the more advanced of the two platforms being developed in CoCoRo, is extremely impressive. Everyone is instantly drawn to the blue-light systems of our AUVs, and they are eye catching. But to watch it move was something else. Its very fast, and very maneuverable. Whereas Lily, being cylindrical, spins easily, Jeff was fast to swim in a straight line and rotation was only achieved when it was desired. A video of Jeff can be found here. Some photos demonstrating…

The reviewers were very impressed with all of this, including the live demos (which worked! Always risky having live demos). They rated the project “Excellent”, which was nice… if you have to leave home for a project meeting you can at least be told you’re excellent :o). James’s work on the operating system and all our work on the simulation received special appraisal with the reviewers noting that these were thankless and unglamorous, but essential, jobs.

And of course no trip to Pisa is complete without a visit to this: