Doctoral work published

I have been neglecting the blog. It’s not for want of material to talk about, but life seems to have gotten very busy all of a sudden. A few weeks ago I hit a major milestone, I published the last of the work from my thesis. The Journal of the Royal Society Interface is a top interdisciplinary journal, and I was thrilled that they accepted my manuscript on modelling biological systems.

The paper describes an approach to creating domain models: non-executable models that describe the components and interactions of a biological system. This is part of a wider strategy for creating high quality simulations that demonstrably and accurately capture their target biological behaviours: the CoSMoS process. The domain model provides a consistent and comprehensive perspective of the biology, records what is simulated and what is not, what is abstracted and how, and in doing so provides a coherent link of how simulation results relate to the real biology.

As a comical side note, I love being in Australia and working at the University of Sydney. But there’s one Australian citizen who is particularly irritating for me. As an academic it’s in my interest to raise my online profile. I want this website to be the top hit when someone googles “Mark Read”. Unfortunately I’m not the only Mark Read in Australia: Mark “Chopper” Read is a convicted, now deceased, criminal, author and celebrity. Mr. Chopper started his illustrious criminal career by robbing drug dealers, and went on to achieve highs of assault, armed robbery and kidnapping. Here is our hero now:

What a nice chap. So it’s entirely possible that, short of winning a Nobel Prize, I will spend much of my own life overshadowed in online searches by this man. Isn’t that nice.