Dr. Mark Read

Research Fellow, Charles Perkins Centre, The University of Sydney
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In Preparation

  • Engineering Simulations as Scientific Instruments. Susan Stepney, Kieran Alden, Paul S. Andrews, James L. Bown, Alastair Droop, Teodor Ghetiu, Tim Hoverd, Fiona A. C. Polack, Mark Read, Carl G. Ritson, Adam T. Sampson, Jon Timmis, Peter H. Welch, Alan F. T. Winfield. This is a book arising from the EPSRC-funded CoSMoS project.


  • Towards an integrative understanding of diet-host-gut microbiome interactions. Mark N. Read, Andrew Holmes. Frontiers in Immunology 8:538. [URL to paper at journal]
  • Diet-microbiome interactions in health are controlled by intestinal nitrogen source constraints. AJ Holmes, YV Chew, F Colakoglu, JB. Cliff, E Klaassens, MN Read, SM Solon-Biet, AC McMahon, VC Cogger, K Ruohonen, D Raubenheimer, DG Le Couteur, SJ Simpson. Cell Metabolism 25(1):140–151. [URL to paper at journal]


  • Automated Multi-Objective Calibration of Biological Agent-Based Simulations. Mark N. Read, Kieran Alden, Louis M. Rose, Jon Timmis. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 13(122):20160543. [URL to paper at journal]
  • Leukocyte Motility Models Assessed through Simulation and Multi-Objective Optimization-Based Model Selection. Mark N. Read, Jacqueline Bailey, Jon Timmis and Tatyana Chtanova. PLOS Computational Biology 12(9):e1005082. doi:10.1371/journl.pcbi.1005082. [URL to paper at journal]
  • Statistical analysis of spatially homogeneous dynamic agent-based processes using functional time series analysis. Jack Hywood, Mark N. Read and Gregory Rice. Spatial Statistics 17:199-219. [URL to paper at journal].










  • Explicable Boolean Functions. Mark Read. Masters degree dissertation, undertaken at the University of York, under the supervision of Prof. John Clark.