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“Best PhD Award”, 2nd Prize

I’m very pleased to learn that my PhD thesis has been awarded 2nd prize in Computer Science’s “Best PhD Thesis” award for the year 2011 (when it was submitted)! I’m told there’s a certificate and a cash prize – sounds like something nice to hang in my house, and a celebratory dinner with my girlfriend.

This opens the door for submission at a national level… fingers crossed.

update (12/10/12): Alas I did not win at the national level. Never mind, it was an honour to have been put forward and to to recognised in my department!

Dr. Mark Read!

Last week marked the end of an era for me, I received the official email from the university that my thesis has been accepted!

Statistical and Modelling Techniques to Build Confidence in the Investigation of Immunology through Agent-Based Simulation.

Has a nice ring to it… This is by far the most expensive and exclusive book I have ever bough. There are only 3 physical copies worldwide, and there are no current plans to go into mass-print :)

There’s a huge amount of content here that I have yet to publish, and that will be a high priority for 2012. For those who are interested, my external examiner was Pietro Lio from the University of Cambridge.

I’m looking forward to wearing a graceful gown and a silly hat in the summer, and spending a special day with fiends and loved ones.

PhD Viva Success!

Last Friday (25th Nov) I successfully defended my PhD, which was accepted subject to (quite!) minor corrections. I was examined by Dr Pietro Lio of the University of Cambridge, and Prof John Clark of the University of York. The subject of my fairly meaty thesis is “Statistical and Modelling Techniques to Build Confidence in the Investigation of Immunology through Agent-Based Simulation”. I look forward to completing the corrections and uploading a complete version here.

Understandably this lead to some celebration, and a very happy collection of colleagues, family and friends. I’m still waiting for the full feeling to sink in, but nonetheless, its a great (near… corrections still to be made) end to an engaging 4 years of research. I owe a lot to the many people who have helped me get to where I am now, so thank you all!